June 23, 2011. Linkin Park, Live in Moscow.

Russia… when you hear it, you imagine a wood, a snow covered streets with bears on it, a bunch of blondehair guys and girls, a great Russian Vodka, in the end. So, I can say you guys are wrong, your trolling doesn’t work anymore.

May 4, 2011. (04:20 am, GMT +3)

Mike Shinoda organized an LPU chat. Over 300 LPUers were there and asked him some questions. Me and a couple of russian fans were so excited and spammed a bunch of messages that contain “WHAT ABOUT  RUSSIA THIS SUMMER”, “DO YOU LOVE RUSSIAN VODKA”, “RUSSIA LOVES YOU DUDE”, etc. to chat box. Mikeshi read it with ‘Huh’ face, and finally said: “Yea, we’re going to be playing A BIG SHOW IN MOSCOW, RUSSIA, on Transformers 3 Premiere. June 23, 2011”. We were like: “HUH??”, “WHAT HE IS SAYING ABOUT?”, “R U SERIOUS?”, “U KIDDIN US BASTARD”, “I LOVE YOU MIKESHI!!!11”. So that’s a fuckin true! That’s gonna be a FREE PERFORMANCE! But the one problem – how to get a ticket to a free show.

May 25, 2011. (11:00 am, GMT +3)

Radio NRJ Russia has 20K tickets! But not everyone has a possibility to get at least one, just because this radio doesn’t broadcast in every russian region/district. We are sort of happy and we are waiting for June 1 – kinda promotion and distributing our tickets.

June 1, 2011. (10:00 am, GMT +3)

Radio NRJ arranges a contest with Transformers costumes named “NRJ Transformation” where I have to make a Transformer bot costume, take a photo of me in it and upload to http://www.energyfm.ru. Also there were 3 other brain exploding contests.

As you can guess, my TF3 costume was deleted and I won nothing (because of 18+). *sigh* Maybe, I should try again later…

June 15, 2011. (10:10 am, GMT +3)

There was information that LPUers can get their seftificats to the Moscow show. So, I got one *YAAAY!!1* I was vewy-vewy happy, you know. :3 But I still don’t know where and when I can get my bracelet. I’m waiting.

Meanwhile, radio NRJ continues to throw a facepalm contests like Transformation. This time I had to wait when radio DJ will tell us a special code with symbols, letters, numbers. I had to listen it carefully, then enter in on web site during several seconds, as fast as I can. If we consider that there’s no NRJ broadcasting in my city, I must listen it via Internet.  www.energyfm.ru has a delay (several seconds), that means that my odds of winning tend to zero.

June 17, 2011. (1:33 pm, GMT +3)

“WASSUP GUYS, IT’S TIME FOR TRANSFORMATION CODE!!” – says DJ Bogdan. “I’M GONNA SAY THESE GODDAMNED LETTERS AND NUMBERS, YOU MUST ENTER THEM ON OUR SITE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!! GOOD LUCK! LET’S GOOO!!” – we hear a special sound, that means time has gone. Then he says smth like “87egrw93e74ies”, I entered. Shaking like hell. My cheeks are red. My eyes are round as saucers. You know what? I FREAKIN WON. Can’t breathe. Can’t believe. Finally! Holy Shinoda! Gonna meet all my friends there, in Moscow! But there’s no winning without cheating, ha! Thanks to my friends from forum. After it I won a couple of tickets for my Twitter-friends.

June 18, 2011. (9:00 pm, GMT +3)

Just had a rough flight to Moscow. After it my aunt met me, we got to home fast. WELL I’M IN DA FUCKIN MOSCOW CITY!! Waiting for my first LP concert ^_^

June 22 and 23, 2011. 

Got two bracelets: one from LPU and one more from NRJ. Met Tanya, Helen, Ana, Ana, Tanya, Darya, Mary, Alisa (me in green shirt, lol). We were in Red Square, were walking on the Moscow beautiful streets, spent effin great time together! By the way, TOMORROW WILL BE MY FIRST LIKIN PARK CONCERT! SO EXCITING!!

It’s effin 23rd, we are near Ritz hotel, waiting for LP to give us some autographs. Joe Hahn is here! While other members of LP on the Red Carpet.

20:00 or 20:20. OUR EFFIN GREAT MTHRFKN SHOW BEGIIINS! Fireworks and other shit, it was like “ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKLSDFGHJKL” here are pictures of concert.

Our flashmob:

Friggin awesome shit.

Wish them come to Russia every year! :3

With Wisdom, Justice and Love, Me, Lilia.


yea, he said that.

I created this FFFUUU- comics after an LPU chat with M. Shinoda (May 3, 2011).

Yeas, he  answered my freaking question, after a bit spamming though.

Mike said he will come to Russia, but I have no hope on that.

Maybe I’m wrong, but who cares.

*Waiting for an official info*.

Read the full article http://www.chesterbnetwork.com/2011/05/lpu-chat-w-mike-shinoda-532011/

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